sundial rules - 24 nov 2003

Date: Mon Oct 27 01:03pm

Did Matt Bonner, creative furnace, die? Is he otherwise engaged? Or did he simply grow bored with this website?


dear kind emailer,

thank you for your heartfelt concern. i too thought i was dead, but it turns out i was just in traffic on the M50 (apologies to gene hackman).

which brings us, without further mucking about, to the Rules of the Sundial (and, by extension, to

1. the Sundial (hereinafter referred to as "The Dial, Dude") will be updated Whenever.

2. Whenever shall be construed from this point forward as being no less than Now and Then, and may also expand periodically to include A Wicked Lot; the robustness of Whenever, generally speaking, will function as an inverse square of Demands to be Otherwise Engaged (hereinafter referred to as "DTBOE").

3. The Dial, Dude, holds your ass fully responsible for any satisfaction (or lack thereof) you may experience as a result of the change in frequency, depth, breadth, circumference, and level above flood stage which The Dial, Dude, periodically undergoes as a consequence of the demands of DTBOE.

4. past performance does not guarantee future results. employees must wash hands before returning to work. keep away from open flame. lather, rinse, repeat. use two fingers.


for past sundial postings see the sundial archives.


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