i, me, us - 30 jun 2003

To: mattbonner.com
From: "Matt Bonner" xxxx@hotmail.com
Subject: I have the same name
Date: Mon 16 Jun 2003 04:31am

Hi Matt Bonner

I am also Matt Bonner... I swear.

I live in xxxxxx, xxxxxx and i stumbled across the website in an IT lesson when i was bored. I really love the music now and am proud to share my name with you!

From your name sharer


To: mattbonner.com
From: "Matt Bonner" yyyy@yahoo.com
Subject: Another Matt Bonner!
Date: Mon 30 Jun
2003 08:54am

Wow, it was really freaky stumbling onto your website (via a jonatha brooke link). I had no idea the world had so many cool Matt Bonners (including the college basketball player)

Good luck in your career!

Matt Bonner


holy shit.


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