turning of the stone FAQ - 23 may 2003
this has been the topic of some talk, lately


what's the deal with this tune?

turning of the stone was inspired by the numerous predictions and prophecies surrounding what are often referred to as 'earth changes'. many times these changes reference a pole shift or other geophysical restructurings as happening hand-in-hand with a spiritual transformation.

who is 'sitchin'?

archaeologist and linguist zecharia sitchin has done extensive research documenting the purported presence and influence of a large homonoid race called the 'annunaki'. among his many books is the twelfth planet, whose title refers to their home planet, also referred to as 'nibiru' or 'planet x'.

what's that got to do with "may '03" (the "big umbrella" line)?

some sources, most notably zetatalk.com, were predicting that the passage of this planet - said to be a regular event every 3600 or so years - would spur a pole shift on earth, as the earth's magnetic field adjusted to that of the larger passing planet. zetatalk also cited the approach of this planet as the reason behind the increasingly erratic weather and earthquake patterns of the past few years. they claimed that this would take place in late may and that it would be preceded by a week of outright stoppage of the earth's rotation - on 21 may 2003.

"nancy lieder and zetatalk.com" are thanked in the liner notes of signs of passing.

yes. accurate or not, zetatalk.com is copyrighted material, and ms. lieder was accomodating in re what could have been a slightly grayish area.

the earth seems to be rotating quite normally at present.

yes, isn't that nice?



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