riting - 2 dec 2002


consider these two passages, irrespective of their argument:

I. speed metal blows away nu metal for a few reasons. first, speed metal bands demonstrate greater technical skill. second, speed metal rises to a higher energy level. and third, speed metal musicians wear cooler stuff.

II. nu metal is blown away by speed metal for a few reasons. first, greater skill is demonstrated by speed metal bands. second, speed metal is of a higher energy level. and third, cooler stuff is worn by speed metal musicians.

ok, so now, a multi-choice quiz:

what is the difference between passages I and II?

1) nothing really, just minor phrasing
2) nothing really, except the incessant use of the passive tense, which paints the writer as a useless,
florid dipshit who couldn't string a clear and decisive sentence together under any circumstances.



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