file under: epic - 12 nov 2002
warning: 300K worth of jpgs ahead

two days ago we hiked the grand canyon, from the south rim (at the top) to phantom ranch (at the bottom) and back, to mark larry speidell's birthday.
(view from 7100 ft)

we left at dawn.

it wouldn't necessarily have been counterproductive to ignore this sign, except that the whole point was to hike down and back in one day.

and much of it was spectacularly dizzying.

about to traverse the, erm, traverse
(5600 ft)

looking down (from around 3800 ft) at the colorado river (at around 2400 ft). two of eight hikers had turned back by this point.

the green area at center right is phantom ranch. the southfacing valley sheltering the ranch was possessed of a stunning and almost unearthly tranquility. we passed a departing hiker who had been there for 17 days.

by late day, hobbling and other assorted impaired gaits were commonplace. no longer thinking about missed photo ops, the next picture is hours after leaving the bottom: meb contemplating his knee (or perhaps his sturdy north face gear....all licensing inquiries licensing@mattbonn....blah blah, etc.).

sunset through an immense purple dusk.

if you've ever been in a room with your eyes closed, and then you've gone into a bigger room with your eyes still closed, and you've heard the difference in the size of the rooms....this will make perfect sense:

this is the biggest sounding place on earth.


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