studio hijinx, pt. VI - 8 may 2001

From: Matt Bonner
To: Cal Reichenbach
Subject : swirling intergalactic transmissions
Date : Tue, 08 May 2001 20:25:25 -0400

ok - i'm back on tha email. so, tune-by-tune.... gate rocks. i did dig the outro, and i wasn't stoned, just sailing on an ephedrine/caffeine stack. we can probably mix with the delay & chorus ok. might be cool to track a second variation, just to have it.

driven rhythm is great for the feel, and the tone is on. the 5 / flat5 / 4 walkdown may be a bit too committal, if that's a word, to use for too long....want to preserve the tune's slightly amorphous sus4 kind of feel. i'd say to track another, somewhat different one, and we can mix n match....and in any case, you're right on about the monotony/intermittent dubbing thing, so that would be great. btw, check out justin's driven mix with overlaid drums.

the mirror solo is REALLY well phrased. nice work. again, feel like throwing down another, maybe with the 'earthy' dial turned up? got a slight mistrust of the accuracy of judging how something will sit in a final mix by listening to an mp3 with cheap headphones (and yeah, i'm not totally sold on the mmjb ripper, besides its being free).

ok - did i cover everything? will be here.... best - and many thanks.... m


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