studio hijinx, pt. IV - 8 may 2001

From: Matt Bonner
To: Justin Cook, Andy Wiemeyer
Date : Tue, 08 May 2001 19:48:22 -0400

ok - i'm back on tha frequency. i couldn't bear to write the same shit twice, so i've addressed everything tune-by-tune.

driven: zip, joe's line could use some variation. might be sweet for you guys to track together to lock up. i'll bring a big black dildo in case it would be good to have one around.

desert heart: justin....well....the chorus wants a ride & a 2/4 snare - that's fer sherr. the rest may want the same treatment, although it might be cool to try some off 2/off 4 snare hits. zip, the way the bass line pulses is what needs to happen, it just needs to be played clean....also, joe does a cool octave thing under the 'got what you wanted' lines at 1:00 and 2:50 that it would be great to duplicate/keep.

saving grace: a simple shuffle on the snare, maybe with brushes....unless, justin, the heavens open up & you get an Idea. the first verse happens to be missing, although the bass actually doesn't come in until the second verse.

turning of the stone: the mp3 is just one scratch vox verse (incl a disgusted meb snarl caught in preroll) and a following empty chord cycle. tune needs quarter note kicks and hats that match the synth drums. bass needs to do the 1/2 quarter note thing. everything needs to drop for one bar where that bell sounding thing is at 1:41 (it's actually a wine glass water-tuned to A flat).

10th tune groove: a groove with no changes that has no business whatsoever being a 4 minute mp3 save to play along with. the kick needs to do what it's doing here. zip, wanna fuck around a bit with something close to this line?

e flat thing: will underscore a phone call &/or rap thing....sort of a transition piece but will be a tune itself. just do whatever's right. we can do a couple different takes for funnin.

also, check out the mix of gate with some of cal's (unmixed) genius solo & outro work.

ok. give a call if you want, i'm in a little small little house, it's black.



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