studio hijinx - 11 apr 2001
or, just like they said we'd do one day!

From: Cal Reichenbach
To: Matt Bonner, Justin Cook
Subject: [desert heart solo]
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 23:37:38 -0700

okeedok, dropped off my rough mix in the medshed. also created and uploaded to a myplay locker for sharing tracks with the rest of the crew. can stream or download from there.

Just in case there's any doubt whose sound I'm ripping off here, I once read that Pat recorded his hollowbody both with a mic on it acoustically and one on the amp. I used a nice fat condenser on the guit. cheapo dynamic on the amp. Tracked both in same control room. I'm really happy with the result. Tone has tons of body, condenser picks up the pick on strings which lends great attack. Had some probs panning my tracks in pro tools so each one is hard to either side. L is acoustic, maybe a little loud in this mix. You know how the first cake-of-pan is always a little fucked up.

I only delayed amp track (R) in final mix, we may want to delay both for final... what would Pat do? Didn't do the precise bpm math, just set by ear to 310ms throughout and jacked up a 620ms on that one echoed phrase in the solo.

I remembered to turn my reverb off for the solo, will also leave that to Joe in final mix if necessary.


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