bright bar - 17 nov 2000

so….here we are again, in providence, in another airport bar. this clip, over a month, would run about $500 in drippy pints and shit service and unannounced last calls….not to mention an ample supply of flourescent lights and suspended televisions that seem to be perpetually blaring to no one in particular. if i had an englishman with me his eyes would have rolled back in his head and he'd be lolling in his chair on the edge of a full blown seizure. if it were dave dakota he'd have broken something by now, and we'd be in full hustle out of the terminal for the safety of the parking lot.

oddly enough, the television in question is showing a documentary about the beatles, and notwithstanding the foaming pint of guinness that was thonked messily onto my table close to a foot from the napkin, i'm missing the place right about now. of course, we'll be there in a month, so….well, so there.

"the beatles gave a whole generation permission to dream."

-stanley jordan

asked the floor manager to turn down the lights, and she disclosed that there was no dimmer. and, further, that they - They - had recently installed bright new overhead lights which she described as follows: "they're horrible. absolutely horrible." who lights these public places, anyway? how many pubs and lounges will be sacrificed on the alter of….well, that word looks odd. alter. oh, altar. haaahhhh.

thirty more minutes.

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