turquoise bar - 16 nov 2000

the idea was to flee logan airport before any of the general dipshittedness that marks airline bureaucracy could find me and pin me into a corner. flew standby to burlington and very firstly proceeded directly to One Flight Up to do the same thing i'd done when last in this town five weeks before - sit in a bar and nurse a Magic Hat. the turquoise neon glinted coolly off the wall of glass block and the small room slowly filled with an entirely middle-aged cross section of businessmen who murmured in low tones to each other or into their cell phones or else sat and stared contemplatively across the tarmac where the vermont air national guard building bears large green letters reading "1776 THE GREEN MOUNTAIN BOYS".

the truth is that i'm not sure how i feel about being here - and other than porting it up with scott and rowan and videoing emme grooving to black corona and meeting donovan for a coffee and working with joe and justin and zip for four days, i could probably sit at this table in this turquoise bar and drink Magic Hat and tap slowly away at my keyboard and watch a parade of corporate travelers cycle steadily through until my return to austin twenty four days from now.

christ, that seems like a long time.

what else is there to say?

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