new cd - 21 oct 2000

From: Justin Cook
To: Matt Bonner
Subject : Re: downloadable, rehashed music from Justin Cook!
Date : Sat, 21 Oct 2000 08:11:05 -0700

So dude, here's another go at Mirror. GOD DAMN has this song grown on me. I really love it, despite playing countless shitball takes over various parts of it and being so frustrated with my choplessness - more on that later. I love the progression, I'm loopy for the mix, and it just has that thing . . .

The first thing you'll notice is the drums are absurdly, comically high in the mix; this is just so you can get a better sense of the room and the sound of the drums. (Whatever.) And because my ears were kinda shot when I mixed it. But it does sound good LOUD. The only FX used was a DirectX freeware tape-compression emulator that sounds reasonably good.

This version is an amalgam of three consecutive punches which are generally much simpler in content than the approach I took last time, yet vastly harder for me to execute (because playing the 1 2 3 + 4, etc. bass drum part, among other things, is not something that comes naturally to me, or something like that). I had some rough times over the two 2-hour blocks I used to get these rather mediocre takes. Part of the problem was that I found that my metronome on my ProAudio was not exactly sync'd with the song. But more significantly, playing along to a song that has 8th's on a high hat is very unforgiving, especially for folks who are perennially "behind" players. Especially those who can't play to a click in the first place.

Oh - I'll get that Gate thingy to you soon. I have about 12 takes that each have some good features with impossible-to-mask blemishes. It'll be out this weekend. And a big happy 40th to Al -- I'll send him a trinket or some shit.



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