as though the lake would quit - 29 jul 1998

as though the lake would quit being the lake in the height of the season....such as it is.  ten hours of sun and vodka and whatall in steve phillips' new 60 mph red rubber dinghy.  meb vs the old dock in essex, ny:  2-0, the dock.

the sarkis brothers checked in today on behalf of chess, inc.  together we'll make billions.  and i may yet have a chance to redeem myself at the bristol harbor golf course over labor day.

david lake writes from london promoting his forthcoming world toilet website.  the world holds its breath in anticipation....or at least its nose.

everything set for the tucker hollander - kirsten shonstrom wedding.  hoyt, mis, eric jones, and meb to do the I-70 shuffle in a phat mountaineer.  eric, if you're reading this, please call asap to discuss.

anyone from 1) a credit card company, or 2) a business which purchased a mailing list from same:  please STOP calling 802.475.2967 with "courtesy calls" for "cristoph thompson".  he moved out, or at least that's what i'm going to keep telling you, until either you quit phoning or i change the fucking number.


the sundial was 'notes from the lakehouse' during the lakehouse years.

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