back to back to back - 18 jul 1998

back to back to back, the mill and the bistro du lac. god, it was awful. first a business meeting wednesday night down at basin Harbor that turned into skoal and glasses of veranda gin in the lawn chairs on the deck at 3 a.m., sting and seal and all manner of noise amidst the twinkling of holiday lights which ringed the deck for christmas 1997 and which, unless an asteroid comes plowing out of the Great Unknown, probably will be twinkling there for christmas 1998. thursday commenced with bottles of byron and platters of swordfish at bernard's bistro over in westport and was followed by margaritas until closing at the mill. not to be outdone, friday saw the assemblage of a crowd of seven again at bernard's, seated within throwing distance of the water. all plates, glassware, silver, and other ballast overboard....then a scene of drinks dumped in crotches at the westport marina.

next week we all grow up.

latest thanks:  to bernard, for fishing all that shit out of the lake.


the sundial was 'notes from the lakehouse' during the lakehouse years.

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