2002 obsessamentia

matt bonner

beck -
sea change
cee-lo - cee-lo green and his perfect imperfections
kasey chambers - barricades and brick walls
- a rush of blood to the head
missy elliott - under construction
- the eminem show
foo fighters - one by one
norah jones - come away with me
alison krauss & union station
- live
nas - the lost tapes
sinéad o'connor - sean-nós nua
queens of the stone age
- songs for the deaf
sigur ros - ( )
cory sipper
- sincerely
the streets
- original pirate material
james taylor - october road

high-water marks

david bowie - heathen - "a better future"
jonatha brooke -
"how deep is your love?" - jim k. remix
dj shadow - the private press - "giving up the ghost", "six days"
the flaming lips - yoshimi battles the pink robots - "it's summertime"
peter gabriel - up - "sky blue"

best tune title

"weak become heroes" (the streets - original pirate material )

most arresting video scene

david gray in the silent crowd during "the other side"

justin cook

blackalicious - blazing arrow
nicholai dunger - soul rush
brad mehldau - largo
queens of the stone age - songs for the deaf
the roots - phrenology
john scofield - uberjam
esbjörn svensson trio - strange place for snow
white stripes - white blood cells
wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot
matt bonner - signs of passing


coldplay - a rush of blood to the head
new chris velan demo CD ("killer but, alas, unreleased")

alec smith

- a rush of blood to the head
aimee mann - lost in space
brad mehldau - largo
system of a down - steal this album

also check out the top 2001 and top 2000....


disclaimer: the lists of top stuff are honest statements of appreciation. snotnosed music critics best look elsewhere for camaraderie. we just want to acknowledge the people and groups that have put all this in the world.

peace, love, and twist-off tops-


releases have ©2002 on them someplace. is this somehow of vital cultural significance? no, it just provides the webmaster with more forensic work.

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