2001 obsessamentia*

matt bonner

bjork - vespertine
craig david - born to do it
joe henry - scar

n*e*r*d - in search of...
little-t and one track mike. - fome is dape
india.arie - acoustic soul
the avalanches - since i left you

hilmar orn hilmarsson & sigur ros - angels of the universe
- melody a.m.
system of a down - toxicity
zero 7 - simple things

best unreleased release:

dave matthews - the lillywhite sessions

high-water marks that ottn't go unmentioned

jonatha brooke - steady pull - "how deep is your love?"
suzanne vega - songs in red and gray - "penitent", "soap & water"
shawn colvin - whole new you - "another plane went down"
bubba sparxxx - dark days, bright nights - [title track]

justin cook

joe henry - scar
tenacious d
happy apple - please refrain from fronting
the avalanches - since i left you
the strokes - is this it
system of a down - toxicity
daftpunk - discovery
jimmy eat world - bleed american
n*e*r*d - in search of...

cal reichenbach

1. joe henry - scar ("all of you must get this NOW")
2. robert walter - there goes the neighborhood
3. dj zeph - dj zeph
4. cookin' presents: soul addiction
5. miles davis - it's about that time: live at the fillmore east

honorable mention

nikka costa - everybody got their something
bjork - vespertine
annetenna ("perfect power pop") download unreleased album here
tool - lateralus ("rushledgarden")
miles davis - the complete in a silent way sessions
gonzalo rubalcaba - supernova
calvin keys - detours into unconscious rhythm
cannonball - hiphopulation

alec smith

system of a down - toxicity
tool - lateralus

("all else is drivel," he said.)

also check out the top 2000....


disclaimer: these lists are meant as lists of top stuff that we love. the entrance for vitriolic music critics is down the hall, third door on the right, the one that says "freddie's boiler room".


*a release had to be an actual 2001 release, i.e. ©2001 on the cd liner. this might explain the absence of sumpin like dr. dre - 2001 (©1999).

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