2000 obsessamentia*

matt bonner

a perfect circle - mer de noms
ryan adams - heartbreaker
coldplay - parachutes

eminem - the marshall mathers lp
five for fighting - america town
david gray - white ladder

outkast - stankonia
radiohead - kid a
rae & christian - sleepwalking
richard ashcroft - alone with everybody

sigur ros - -gµtis byrjun (agaetis byrjun)
st. germain - tourist
u2 - all that you can't leave behind

honorable rule-bending 1999 mention:

beck - midnite vultures
moby - play
travis - the man who...

thin red line - soundtrack ("astonishing")

justin cook

autechre - lp5
erykah badu - mama's gun
d'angelo - voodoo
deltron 3030
eminem - the marshall mathers lp
jurassic 5 - quality control

j mascis and the fog - more light
the motet - play
outkast - stankonia
pj harvey - stories from the city, stories from the sea
jill scott - who is jill scott?
sigur ros - -gµtis byrjun (agaetis byrjun)

....aimee mann - "all of [her] brilliant shit"

alec smith

a perfect circle - mer de noms
brad mehldau - live at the village vanguard 4

radiohead - kid a
roger waters - in the flesh (live)


disclaimer: these lists are honest statements of appreciation. no critics in tha house.


*a release had to be a legit, ©2000-in-the-fine-print 2000 album....not, say, an 'i discovered massive attack's protection in october of 2000, and it rocked my world' 2000 album.


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