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the website does not at present require any obscure plugins that will 'enhance your experience' while quietly mining your hard drive and sending information to redmond or wherever. this is not an accident. the javascript used requires versions 4.x or later of IE or netscape.

audio and video can be viewed with Windows Media Player or RealNetworks RealPlayer.

please drop an email to

if you discover an error, bug, or something that doesn't seem to work quite right. thank you.

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wondering where new stuff is? seeing the same damned homepage every time you visit? make sure you shift/refresh or shift/reload to get the latest file versions from our server.

font size

From: Mr. J
To: webmaster
Subject: site

The way my unit is set up, the print is very small. Which is OK when the contrast between the lettering and the background is good (like white on black). All of your links appear in dark red lettering against a black background. Not enough contrast - at least on my machine, and I can't make out the links at all.

From: webmaster
To: Mr. J

Subject: RE: site

Using IE? Go to the View drop down and go to Text Size and pick a setting besides 'Microscopic'. Like 'Medium'.

From: Mr. J
To: webmaster
Subject: RE: site

I preferred when it was your fault. Love, Mr. J

font color

From: Mr. Z
To: webmaster
Subject: this purple is hard to read

The purple font is very difficult to read. You should change the colors of the type and background of your website.

From: webmaster
To: Mr. Z

Subject: RE: this purple is hard to read

We'll get right on it. In the meantime, please consider cleaning your monitor, or switching your font size setting to 'Larger' or 'Comically Huge'.


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