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the shining city

meb attempted to contact peggy noonan (yes, the author & republican speechwriter) about contributing an apolitical narrative to the two-minute outro originally in "turning of the stone". long story. anyway, it never happened, but the outro - a mix of guitar strumming and siren apocalyptica which joe capps dubbed a 'lament' - is now available at the end of an unmastered version of turning of the stone (8.44 MB, 7:22 min).

in the wires

ever wonder what goes on in mixing, at the board, or in the wires? studio q&a and other recording trivia....new pics now being added periodically too.

matt bonner computer desktop wallpaper

get downloadable wallpaper for your desktop. easy-to-install eye candy.


top rekkid picks in the 2002 obsessamentia .
back issues: 2001 and 2000.

an unfortunate time to set sail

the full, unedited transcript of the legend of harry meyers....did del outlast him?


the best made-up words to some tunes.


here it is: the one and only 'online shrine to a wagon devine (sic)'....the mother of all pimp-mobiles, in her golden twilight ten years ago, the indomitable and endlessly resurgent BABOO.

also see bonner on baboo, a piece of demented hyperbole shamelessly attributed to meb.

tech tips

stuff from the webmasters. and, some emails, like.



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