turning of the stone - signs of passing, released february 2003

the razor on the stone
won't be enough to light this place alone

if you're checking down the tracks
at the end of the fourth world
to see what could be found
the rails leave off in a barren yard
and the weeds have gathered round
smokestacks, vacant shacks
a month of papers in the underpass
an old man waves a bony hand
against the world he thought he knew
shot through with guilt and greed, conspiracies, faces no one sees
falling trees, livestock disease, seas of starving eyes
medias sanitize the lies

whoa put on the brakes you made a big mistake
all that hopi white buffalo shit is fake
everyone knows more deformed frogs and a few deep quakes
does not a pole shift make
now with me i don't need to be down with contrails
i got reality-based tv
check the sticker of the gray on my suv
i got an extra, here they're free

well that's all fine if you've got no mind
for black helicopters, corporate robbers, chupacabras
it's spring break, drinkers take a toke
get the remote find some chick on the tube that's topless
but so i said it and so we're clear
case you thought i made it up over an airport beer
sitchin wrote it i just read it and spit it
and whether or not you get it and want to admit it
the weather's all wrong the core is warming signs are forming
and if you're looking for the final warning
when the sun stops in the sky you'll know

till the turning of the stone
the world may still go on

oh be honest nostradamus wouldnta been that alarmist
what do you think, they'll come door to door and disarm us?
keep the population harmless, microchip in the arm us
off to the renovated army base where the work farm is
and you'll probably say the new world order convened
to test gulf war disease in a mean vaccine
and the feds killed norma jean
and the un does drills in our hills that aren't supposed to be seen
yo, they're urban legends, know what i mean
like coke and pop rocks poppin a kid's spleen
like in that big screen x-files scene
would the manicured guy really die in his limousine?
if you intend to present a sensible defense
for the trend of current events
find good evidence here in the present tense
get authentic, use common sense

(jt) well i can clearly see we need a brief discussion of authenticity
cause you're the biggest fraud i've heard all week
now straighten up and pay attention
you don't roll with skinny hoes in suvs
but you'd floss em in videos on mtv
you're not stacked to rack two plates nemmind three
but you act like mad max packed in an mp3
max meridius back in the city
wackin the fat battle axe packin mack with a lack of pity
nearest you'll get to authenticity
is readin the tracks off the back of a cd by india.arie

well if the fact is the world changes axis
ima akse can i still get faxes?
and go online to pay back taxes?
and get vibe to know what the wack tracks is?

(jt) well now why'd you suppose moses crew had marched
for years in a bluish dark?
found a jewish bar sold good cuban cigars
they just lookin for a place to park?

ah that kinda makes me wanna hurl
sounds like you're talkin bout the end of the world
and it looks like a red planet and a big wave startin to curl
that's not a pc bedtime story for boys and girls

(jt) whadya think it would look like, closin drapes?
the end of a rolling tape?
ian mckellen grave and brave in an unsafe cave
wavin an ancient stave in a mage's cape?

at the turning of the stone
the world moves on

if you find open ears might be time to tell em
that in may '03 you'll need a big umbrella
and that mountains really were made in a day
get yourself a hill and build a waterproof hovel
with needles thread seeds spades and shovels
grow low light food and watch the endgame play

at the turning of the stone
we can build a world where no one is alone


special studio outtake: unmastered mp3 with outro (160 Kbps - 8.44 MB)

based on a dark fable with numerous uncomfortable similarities to the present.

PS2003? you decide.

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