tripwire - signs of passing, released february 2003

sitting with a coffee in a diner to sort through a thing
thought of all the words it might bring
maybe bound in rings, who could say
now from the kitchen comes 'go your own way'
london boston dallas austin
lost in visions of connecting flights and long nights
written about as things you'd never do again
and the hanging plastic plants twist in the wind
and the waitress is saying that the special's on the board
and she's stopping at tables to stand and pour
and outside the window is a jacked up ford
but i'm back at the shore ten days before
where voltaire folded in a program there
said i will love you till the day that i die
as i realize that i'm never gonna get this off me
she says you all set or do you want another coffee?

no guide wires there are no stairways down
seen in blue lights that circle round
taught as tripwire, nothing can stay this tightly wound

so into the past the other hopes sank
there's a man in the corner with an oxygen tank
can't spare no air to share can barely thank the circumstance
to have the chance but when you glance
your hands want to hide that you lied inside
trying to act between false power and real pride
but the fact is the world has no axis
the pin's been pulled and the idea that there's no way back
is enough without bonds broken and wounds open
soon you're groping amongst the ruins of hope
and saying older and wiser more mature
yeah before so many more budweisers
i couldn't see past the bug visor on my ford
what other lies are in store?
what disguises and prizes of war?
could anything surprise me more than those eyes at my door?
i'm not sure


full-length mp3 (160 Kbps - 5.65 MB) | real audio clip

the sample during the bridge is an actual flight attendant announcement.

sunrise during the first trip to the studio after september 11th. the civility and absolute silence on the airplane was astonishing.

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