gate - signs of passing, released february 2003

all around the wishing ground we gathered
half completed stories brought to share
attachment and obsession, desperation
hanging in the air

despite the dark and growing seeds of madness
the final chapters would contain
in the falling light those who hungered for an answer
still remained

a fell wind blew down through the clearing
branches deep in shadow circled round
and here those driven hardest in illusion
would be found

saturn through the houses
ivied granite ancient runes upon
a comet racing hard against the firmament
you were read to me
you were read in cups and wands

out beyond the iron gate
eternity in wait
sisters spin a patient line
candle and wine
all unfolded just as orpheus cast an eye behind

at the reckoning in the shadow of yggdrasil
nothing saves the tales without an end
divided heart of circe
eyes of gretewyne

written in a slow and building fever.

XXXL pic (85k, 520 x 520).

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