driven - signs of passing, released february 2003

caught you at the airport standing in a line
all done up in black and on the phone
you had hard words for someone
something they had done
didn't have to know you to know

so are you of the idea
there's somewhere you gotta be now
or are you of the idea
that nothing oughta change
cause i see you there all tied in knots
with no one to blame

and 'if you love me maybe i'll love you
and if you give to me
maybe i'll give back'
what is it that keeps your demons so driven

faster and faster now
your time goes by
you got to slow it down
thought you'd know by now
nobody's gonna save you
nobody needs saving

faster and faster now
your life goes by
you got to slow it down
and let it go

the woman in black was queued up to board a southwest airlines flight in austin, surrounded by a thick cloud of drama.

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