the day in question - signs of passing, released february 2003

in an old cathedral
figures bend and pray
and up and down the alleyways
on grates and in boxes
shapes await the frozen light of day
alone on a corner a child stands and searches
among the cars that pass him in the rain

and there's one more thing
you should probably know before you go

on a balcony in kensington
just above the high street
a man reads a hope sent from another shore
and years into tomorrow
older hands feed a fire
of letters pulled dust covered from a drawer
and on the day in question
there may have been some final word
no one heard

and there's one more thing
you should probably know before you go

the evidence was all around
stronger winds than this abound
fighting history tooth and nail
an old photograph, a campfire tale
shape of a life
passion and price
in blinding white
the plane sits on the tarmac

i did all that i could do
couldn't reach your hand to pull you through
for a time the rest was up to you
i did all that i could do

simmered away for years and finally came to a head one bleak and devastating night. written mostly by the desolate glow of a dome light, parked somewhere in a snowstorm.

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