desert heart - signs of passing, released february 2003
inspired in part by "escapist - never", by robert frost

there's a place along the border
i remember
like her eyes
or the day that jerry died
could i have been wrong?
that was some time ago
and we're older now
and if you got what you wanted
would it be worth having?

now i sail
tacking from a course set in anger
a polished nail
driven through my days
endless chain of longing
to touch this desert heart

run face forward
seeking a seeker
and in turn
he seeks another still
lost far in the distance
but he pursues
and he always will
and if you got what you wanted
would it be worth having?

high up on the list of should've beens is an acoustic solo by cal reichenbach which somehow got sonically corrupted someplace between cal's mics in california and joe capps' mixing board in vermont.

the exact location of the windmill in the liner art is mentioned in mileage.

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