signs of passing 1., n.: a relentlessly melodic mix of rock and pop with shades of hip hop.

signs of passing 2., adj.: passionate | subtly urgent | impressionistic | articulate | hungry | humorous | relentlessly melodic (see 1. above) | not to be missed

review excerpts

"12 singularly accomplished songs."
-performing songwriter

"intriguing and a definite standout hit."
-the inside connection

"the production quality is an order of magnitude higher than most indie releases....a fine candidate for repeated headphone sessions."
-cosmik debris magazine

"the same freshness as contemporaries radiohead and beck....great stuff."

"smart, funny, mystical and cynical....dreamy vocals [and] darkly comic hip-hop coexist's well worth a listen."
-seven days newspaper, burlington, vermont

"certainly a step in the right direction for pop music."

"there is substance beneath the glitter....worth a spin."
-aiding & abetting

"matt bonner has forged a unique sound."

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1. mirror      
2. tripwire mp3 (160 Kbps - 5.65 MB) real audio  
3. desert heart      
4. reveal mp3 (160 Kbps - 5.37 MB) real audio in the wires
5. driven     in the wires
6. tanner     in the wires
7. saving grace mp3 (160 Kbps - 6.07 MB) real audio  
8. the day in question      
9. turning of the stone     in the wires
10. gate      
11. sister      
12. arc of return mp3 (160 Kbps - 1.1 MB)    


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