snow - gauge, january 2000
words: bonner/smith
music: bonner

scribbled scattered letters
membranes of a thought
bracing point awakening
in an elegy of frost

inconsummate and rising
a hope that i had made
and all that i could say
was come see me before the snow

need has no face that i could draw
but it has a name
and the farthest mountainís buried
in an avalanche of gray

figurines glistening in temptationís eye
retracting the threshold of clarityís line
with reddening passion held back by fraying ropes
positioned and determined to buy

circles on cycles and catacombed stairs
entropic and fleeting in miasmic layers
wrinkling boundlessly inwards
and drifting and scattered alive

written by a woodstove fire in the boulder a-frame. it was snowing like hell. she didn't come before the snow fell, or ever.

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