overgrown - gauge, january 2000
words: smith
music: smith/bonner

fusionís dust has settled
vent the rust of backward time
cautiously wading
through a pool of unthinkables
what must they find

pause to take a bearing
darkening wet the air too thick to use
down to my last match and my last broken cigarette
whatís left to remind

the ember fades in the wind
was it all for sin
or did we give each other
a half track journey home

hit upon some solid footing
straight-arm stumbling itís slow and blind
if there were any other exit that tempted me
without your say iíd never sign

the shed still stands among the shadows
deckboards cringe beneath a long forgotten weight
they left no bones behind
no pictures no prints up on the wall
it is complete and by design

spare enough for burning
but far too wet to take the flame
it is expected not to shelter old arrogance
your place is defined
stay in line

full-length mp3 (128 Kbps - 4.08 MB)

first called 'halftrack' and recorded without vocals at red door studio in colorado. this version contained a great one-take cal reichenbach solo; we're still waiting for an adat or tape of it to turn up in the lost & found.

props to bryan thomas for his great one-take quirkaxe solo, and to paramount pictures for use of the classic brando sample at the end of the tune.

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