distance - gauge, january 2000
words/music: bonner

driving out from your house
i could hear the gravel crunching in the drive
another cold cold morning
the rising sun was in my eyes
maybe someday iíll be coming back to stay
until then i guess itís just another day

unheard memories
and a catalogue of stories left untold
shine through my windshield
and bright with soft precision in the road
crystal and elegant forlorn and displaced
the answer passes in a simple restless grace

under a burning sky
the armies stood and waited swords in hand
plagued by intransigence
they died by the millions in the sand
uncomprehending as the storm around them rose
to aggravate those wounds that only time could close

blind to the years gone by
thereís no longer a way to get back home
and i concede that now
but awakening in the heart
of the distance i canít bridge
is today

real audio clip

first written in 1988 (and titled 'another day'). the oldest tune so far recorded by medicine stone or meb.

the last verse was a hopeful footnote added around thanksgiving 1993 after a long phone conversation in a snowstorm on the deck of the a-frame in boulder.

no, it didn't work out.

sound check (prior to 'distance') at taylor's, boulder, colorado

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