blueprint - gauge, january 2000
words: smith
music: smith/bonner

some say weíve been here now long enough
broke and rusted in a bank-owned lot
some say all you see needs too much work
all used up now but i know itís not

for the tenth time in as many years
turned the dead soil up on its face

showered end to end with blood and bone
prayed upstanding for some small grace

one day the green will show
and by then itíd be time to go

some things you do just cause itís hard
some things you do

heading into town give the Man his due
passed old joe staring round holding court
twenty years digging dirt
and there ainít much that iíve learnt
better wise up son theyíre after you too

tired of praying for the rain he said
just to send harvest on into ford
best use that place of yours to build an iron fire
beat the plowshares you got left back to swords

stormís brewing and it wonít pass by
till they kneel down to call me sir and iíve got mine

some things you do just cause itís hard
some things you do

you pray to your wife and you pray to your god
spend your days kicking around in the sod

pouring all that you have and all that you are into the beast
hoping to bring in something fine for the feast
and they all say ainít nothing left here
but what we had brought
we used it all up now
just like we were taught

sifting slowly through stacks of dog-eared plans
letting blueprints fall face down to wooden floors
what iím left with i know is an order to go
glimpsing turning leaves and graylit shores

this day the green has shown
weíve seen all here that need be known

some things you do just cause itís hard
it gets you through

an alec smith masterpiece, written early in the gauge sessions. the piano-driven outro was something meb had created during a massive downpour; the piano figure had been searching for a home for eight years.

thanks to shauna antoniuc of belizbeha for 4 parts of the 6-part choirlike vocal crescendo. and to horace beck for his narration.

moment of un-blueprint-like levity after pre-studio blueprint jam. l to r: andy, bryan, alec, meb

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