black corona - gauge, january 2000
words/music: bonner

along the road
met someone i used to call a friend
she said come down to the river
and i'll show you what you'll wish you didn't know
then her smile faded
i saw desperation in her eyes
i'll go with you if you stop here
and listen for a while

i met a man
a stranger from another land
and he told me he last saw you
chasing your own tail in the wind
and he told me
that he'd die to hold you
and still hold his own
as it turned out
all he spent was himself

black corona
driven from the safety of the shore
true candor is a tired old man
lost in the haze

bitter harvest
had my fun and now i'm going home
i don't like lying and i don't like wondering why i'm still here
and in the end
we are bound by things better left unsaid
but if it matters
i can never ever come this way again

she pulled me from this nightmare
but it didn't do no good
gorgeous catastrophe
how long can you dance before you tire
cause i've been out all night
just waiting for this tortured sun to rise
seeking safety within truth within lies

full-length mp3 (128 Kbps - 4.28 MB)

the second oldest tune in the medicine stone pantheon. grew out of something called 'misty water' meb started writing on a train somewhere outside boston in 1989.

paul asbell played the shit out of this in the studio.

outside looking in: alec smith (with mug of coffee) surveying a black corona session from the deck at poker hill. note reflection of bryan thomas' arm & guitar at right.

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