medicine stone, the creative monster conjured up by matt bonner and alec smith, is a rarely-glimpsed beast known for its dark harmonies and thematic mass. it moves its large, live-band-production feet powerfully and deliberately, and often carries along a number of vocalists, soloists, and other guests as passengers on the detailed contours of its broad back.

occasionally it snorts or rumbles, and the last time such a thing happened out came gauge, a 70-minute epic that roams vast territory in search of an answer to a question that may or may not exist. rich with overdriven guitars, subtle keyboards, volcanic solos, and ethereal female voices, gauge moves through layers of imagery guided by the vision and twin vocals of bonner and smith, the huge rhythm bed of justin cook and andy wiemeyer, and devastating narration by living-legend folklorist horace beck. a massive record.


"credible rock originals....consistent throughout gauge is the in-the-pocket rhythm section of wiemeyer on bass and cook on drums....the production is clean and not overdone....a welcome dose of great grooves and smoking solos."
-seven days newspaper, burlington, vermont

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1. fortune   full story
2. black corona mp3 (128 Kbps - 4.28 MB) 
3. bastion  
4. distance real audio  
5. beam's end full story
6. dmv in the wires
7. new frontier real audio
8. overgrownmp3 (128 Kbps - 4.08 MB) 
9. desderata mp3 (128 Kbps - 6.21 MB)real audio in the wires
10. sonora 
11. kevin's lost guitarin the wires
12. stone carving 
13. snow 
14. sheltermp3 (128 Kbps - 1.31 MB) 
15. sure enoughfull story
16. burden   
17. blueprint   



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