the a-frame - 1993/94

in response to numerous inquiries for more on the semi-legendary boulder a-frame....

about as (circle one: gully / cheap/ musicianlike)
as it gets: no-name beer from likker mart.

a grease fire on the a-frame stove (at 12:21 am,
per the clock at top center). a crowd watched

sunrise over vast, flat cloud cover.
the a-frame sat at an elevation of about 7400 feet.

satellite shot of the a-frame (circled). yes, we think
this is sort of unnerving too.

related shots, more or less:

halloween 1993. meb flanked by wendy the witch
and craig grommet.

chuck the cat, chilling by alec's turbo-charged
mac, where lyrics to many tunes - new frontier,
snow, and stone carving, among others - first
came together.
more to follow. archaeology sometimes requires serious dredging.


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