Matt Bonner has spent most of the nineties & naughties writing, recording, traveling, producing, and furiously scribbling on airplane napkins and hotel notepads.

His 2003 album, Signs Of Passing, is available on his label, Stone Circle Records, and follows Gauge, the 2000 epic from Medicine Stone.

His next CD, Seven Words, will be out momentarily.

His first ebook, Mileage, is a true story about a 14,000 mile road trip around the United States, and comes replete with highway drama, sleeplessness, near death, and other nonsense in roughly equal measures.

He was also the Executive Producer of Janey Mary, an Irish short film which has won 4 awards (so far), including Best Short FIlm at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Matt has recently founded Trezur, the online music recommendation business. More to come on that shortly.

He is also currently developing a second piece of writing, a series of high-intensity vignettes based around a mythical place called The Lakehouse. This may or may not be a book, an e-book, a series of blog posts, or all or none of the above.

And he is, of course, at work on demos for the next album, before the last one is out. Eppur si move, etc.

Matt has lived in Austin, Vermont, Boulder, and Jackson Hole, and spends extended time in London, Chicago, and Boston. He currently lives outside Dublin, Ireland.


Medicine Stone
Arrival Of Horatio (guest keys & percussion)
Taller Shadows
unnamed Bistro trio
Salacious Crumb
Yukon Time


age 7 - involuntarily starts classical piano
age 12 -
meets J. Geils, who gives him front row tickets, a t-shirt, and his first album, an autographed copy of Love Stinks
age 13 - gets 'class musician' and writing awards; endures braces
age 14 - joins first band; they practice often, change names constantly, and never gig or record anything
age 15 - writes first complete original (fantastically cliched) tune
age 18 - goes to Middlebury College in Vermont (Philosophy, Physics)


Matt collects strings of christmas lights, and often has large orange cats, except for Little, who was black and is expected to remain same. He waited tables once for 6 weeks and was horrible at it. He drinks as much coffee as possible and likes chianti and dirty martinis up with lots of olives. He's six foot one, ambidextrous, and his favorite color is purple.

For some reason, that last sentence is the most oft-quoted one.


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